Muthafucker just ruined my entire fucking day.

just thinking.

It’s weird how you can once want something so bad; that you feel like you cant live with-out it or need it in order to function properly.

Im just talking minuscular things such as a car, a toy, certain food, friendships, …relationships. Not talking about anything vitally important like oxygen or a damn pumping heart, just the small shit.

But then a year or two can go by and your just annoyed by its presence. Then you start wondering why you even brought the damn thing in the first place or why you were so obsessed with it.

&it’s sad because at one point in time it was the only thing you dreamed about and now its almost suffocating and you want to be rid of it.

its like you try, try, and try to improve it or make it into something else useful and it

… . just no longer feels right.